Monday, April 28, 2008

Awards and Autographs

On Saturday, my wife and I attended the 2008 Marine Corps Heritage Foundation Dinner & Awards Ceremony up at the Marriot in Chantilly.

In attendance were generals and a former Marine commandant (Gen Jones), many influential businessmen and donors, as well as Mr. Ross Perot himself (namedropping!) who also received an award and who was kind enough to stop and pose with me in front of my art.

It was a great time-- the food was incredible, and the speakers and host made it lively and interesting (and what made it even better was that I was honored to receive the John W. Thomason Award for my art about OIF.

From the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation website:

The Colonel John W. Thomason, Jr. Award was established in memory of this decorated combat officer, known for his artwork illustrating Marines in World War I, China, and Latin America. It is given for excellence in the fine or applied arts, including photography, in depicting the historic or contemporary Marine Corps.


Brrian Dunbar said...


I'm surprised to see you aren't pistol qualified; I don't know what the TO weapon for a combat artist is but surely you can't be expected to carry a sketchpad and a rifle at the same time ...

Kristopher Battles said...

Yeah, I've fam-fired the pistol since 1987, and have carried one in a combat zone for two short-term deployments, but have never been qualified on a course!

It comes from being a reservist, and then being too occupied with deployments and other admin stuff that I never got qualified.

Anonymous said...


You look way HANDSOME in that uniform!

Love ya-Allicia

Angie said...

How awesome for you. I'm so happy. Wish I could have been there too. Miss you guys.

Jo Castillo said...

Congratulations! You deserve the honorariums and praise. Thanks for sharing your story. You look great!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Sarge - love the stripes - and the haircut! (Doesn't seem like you had me cut it quite that short that time in Haiti!) Actually, just wanted to let you know how proud we are of you and the fact that we know you!

Beverly said...


Peter said...

I googled into your blog on a "John Thomason" image search. I have been haunted by his sketches of Legation Duty in Peiping and of WW I.

Thank you for your service in protecting me and my family, Sergeant.

I have bookmarked your bery good blog.