Tuesday, April 06, 2010

More Haiti Art

I was able to find a large enough scanner to scan in two of the bigger watercolors I did when I was down in Haiti in February!

The first watercolor is of an old wreck at Carrefour, where the Marines of the 22nd MEU had their BLT 3/2 CP --"LZ Argonaut" it was designated.  Specifically, the painting depicts a helo- a "Huey"- heading out from LZ Argonaut, passing above the old wreck of a boat, the victim of some past hurricane or tropical storm, while Haitian children play on its deck and swing from its ropes (a mercy ship and an Italian aircraft carrier are also visible in the background):

The second image depicts a Marine providing security near Distribution Point 16 in Carrefour, Haiti.
One of the Shanty towns that sprang up after the Jan 12th earthquake is also featured (poverty like this really is breathtaking):


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