Monday, February 27, 2017

Marines of the 24th MEU on the USS Bataan (LHD-5)

I mentioned in the previous post about my experience as an artist for the Navy Art Collection, and of coming across Marines on USS Bataan (LHD-5), who were training for an upcoming deployment with the 24th MEU.
Here is a painting I did based on that time on board and observing the Marines:
"Filing out to the Birds," acrylic on canvas. 30" x 20".  Marines on the flight deck of USS Bataan (LHD-5) head out to board MV22 Ospreys.


Kathryn Law said...

Beautiful, inspiring work. I found you through the NYT article from 2010, which was just tweeted today by @USMC. It's deeply gratifying to know that these traditional programs have survived, I hope they always do. Thank you for your service!

christian soldier said...

so glad you are still posting your work :-)