Saturday, January 15, 2011

Burton's Coffee Shop

A "Slice of Life" in the FOB

When one thinks of life in a combat zone, one thinks of ... well, combat.

And when people envision art depicting such activities, most people probably envision  "poster art" or grand depictions of Marines attacking the enemy, and so on.

Of course, Marines do attack the enemy, and some of the finest art out there depicts Marines in combat.

But  the majority of a Marine's time is not spent in combat, or in a convoy, or on patrol; but in the FOB or Combat Outpost-- and most people may not be aware of what life is like there: dark spaces, surrounded by dingy cement-block or dusty HESCO walls, stacks of sandbags, wire, & strewn with some rubble or other detritus of war-- hardly "homey" surroundings. 

Creature comforts are sparse out where the infantry lives. A good ol’ cup o' Joe or some cocoa can really hit the spot. Anything to make life a little more like home is a relief from the drudgery of a place like Saqlawiyah.

This sketch is of Cpl D. Lee Burton, of 2nd Bn 8th Marines, making himself coffee in his trusty canteen cup (one of the longest-lasting and useful implements in the US inventory, by the way…).

Ahhh... a little closer to home.

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