Monday, August 29, 2011

I Got the Mountain Feevah, and the Only Cure is More Mule Sketches!

I was going through my sketchbook this morning, and found some more sketches I'd done in the Animal Packers Course at MWTC out in Bridgeport, CA. I figured it's always best to post them:
Sketches of the Sawbuck saddle & notes from class on the Basket Hitch

Mule with a Mantee Load tied using a Basket Hitch

 Jimmy the Mule

 Saddlin' Up and a sketch of Panniers in a Box Hitch

 Saddlin' Up!

 Race! Marine rushing to get his .50 Cal tied up and then put on the mule during a squad competition (and me, rushing to draw him before he ran off!).

Marines talking while in bivouac out in MWTC.

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Gabe Ledeen said...

These are great, thanks for sharing.