Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mule Train!!

I just returned early this a.m. from the Mountain Warfare Training Center near Bridgeport, CA, where I attended and passed the Animal Packers Course.

I am now a certified Animal Packer(!)

The course required us to learn several basic and necessary hitches and knots, equine anatomy, loading various types of gear on mules, movement considerations, CASEVAC,  etc.

The apex of the course required a week-long excursion out into the wilds of MWTC, over the several ranges and training areas, stopping at certain LZs for nightly bivouac.

 GySgt Hutton gives instruction on how to tie a Mantee Load of MREs onto "Norman" using a Basket Hitch.
 Sgt Dahl teaches students how to load a rocket launcher to a mule using a Barrel Hitch.
 Sgt Southworth teaches the Marines how to tie and load a casualty to the mule ("Rescue Randy" was the mannequin casualty)
 "Ozzie" is loaded for bear with two .50 Cals and a 5-gallon water bag.
  SGT Withrow (USA) volunteers to demonstrate how to sit on an improvised saddle for transport of wounded .
The train comes over the hill, headed for the last bivouac area near Poor Lake.

(Note about mules-- they've earned their reputation!)

Here are some sketches I did while in the course:


Jo Castillo said...

How cool. Didn't know they still did that! My husband wants to know if he can borrow a mule, they are asking $500 to ride one down the Grand Canyon! He doesn't want to pay that much to have a sore bottom!

Your sketches are great. Nice gestures captured!

Kristopher Battles said...

FIVE hundred Dollars?!! WOW.

Thanks about the gestures... they were about all I could wish for, given the time I had for each sketch! (it's amazing how much people-- and mules-- move when you're trying to draw them)!

christian soldier said...

Congrats on your promotion!

Glad to know that mules and - I hope- horses- are being utilized---

Indeed- quick - gesture - sketching is all one can do when drawing horses-mules or cats!!
Sometimes one can draw the human w/o movement- if one is in a figurative drawing class- situation...I still prefer the gesture poses though..

You have been on my roll for sometime-always enjoy your up-dates---