Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Plate Carrier in Process

I've begun to put body armor on The Rifleman figure--specifically, the "plate carrier" type of body armor.

I first went to the IIF (Individual Issue Facility) to get a temporary issue of one of the plate carriers.
I had intended to simply ask them if I could look at one and measure it, but they were kind enough to issue one to me, considering it would be so much better a reference for the art (and I actually work right across the street from their warehouse, so it's not difficult to return it...).
 I then had to cast some thin panels using a 1/4 scale pattern for the separate parts of the plate carrier. Then I began roughing out the basic shapes, similar to how one would draw a picture of something, starting with basic geometric shapes of the right dimensions and adding detail and nuance to it once the basic form was achieved...
 I will have to add some bulk to the side SAPI areas, as the plates are pretty bulky and add to the girth around the midriff of the figure.

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