Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Remember Belleau Wood

Today was a great day, as we were able to set up a photo shoot at the National Museum of the Marine Corps, to create reference photos for an illustration I'm working on about Belleau Wood, June 1918.

Patrick Mooney of Visitor Services helped with all the logistics, and the Marines (Ohse and Andrews) from the Museum detachment played the part of Marines assaulting through the wheat at Belleau Wood and Hill 142.

That's a determined individual, there...

NO SMILING! That's supposed to be a grimace!

Let me see your WAR FACE!
"...many there looked no more upon the sun forever." --John W. Thomason, Fix Bayonets!
Stay tuned, as we continue the photo shoot later this week, and as the image begins to take shape on canvas in the days to come.


Kris Marquardt said...

I didn't really notice till the last picture but the two uniforms are very different in color. The one on the right is much closer to the Forest Green that I have heard described. Is the uniform on the left an Army Uniform? Or was there that much color difference in some of the Marine issued uniforms.

Kristopher Battles said...

Good eye.
We had that very discussion when we were doing the shoot.
Both of these uniforms are the Marine Forest Green and not the Army Drab.
Turns out that often the colors would vary, even in the Forest Green uniforms, due to various factors in production.

Kristopher Battles said...

Note: I think that the one on the right is really closer to the original Forest Green. I say that because one of the reasons the Corps switched over to Army Drab (besides the Supply logistics problem), was that the Forest Green was too similar at first glance to the German Field Gray, and that kind of confusion could be deadly..!

Kris Marquardt said...

I use a color mixed about 50:50 using German Feldgrau and Olive Green (leaning more towards the green side) on my WWI models. Mine are definitely closer to the uniform on the right. You're right though the one on the left is definitely not the Army Drab. I knew that colors could be quite different between manufacturers from that period I didn't realize it was quite that extreme. Would it be okay if I added that particular photo to my WWI reference photos on my blog? http://wargamesandrailroads.blogspot.com/2012/04/usmc-wwi-uniforms-colors.html

Kristopher Battles said...

Go for it. Use any photos you want from this set, as they're in the public domain.

Kris Marquardt said...

Thanks! I'll be sure to point folks here. You have sparked my interest enough to pull out another unit of Marines to paint up!