Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Build up-- Shaping the (Artistic) Battle Space!

Greetings, everyone.

I started some new sculptures today, even as I'm still working on the Belleau Wood sculpture (I figure it's like kids... once you have two, adding more isn't that much more difficult!)...

Actually, I completed all the armatures months ago, but hadn't the chance yet to begin placing them into their perspective compositions. Now, it is time.
This is the armature for "The Marine Rifleman", which will be an archetype for the combat infantryman.
 This is a more involved piece, which will be a Marine 81mm mortar crew in action. I'll try to show a dynamic composition in the round, at the moment the mortar round is being dropped.

Here the piece is rotated a few degrees... it should, when completed, be an interesting composition from whatever side it is viewed. This subject provides such great kinetic energy for a piece. It'll be really challenging, and I hope  fulfilling, to create such a piece in three dimensions.

UPDATE: tomorrow, I'm scheduled to have a Marine or two come into the studio and model in WWI Marine uniform, complete with helmet, gas mask, bayonet, and rifle... from head to toe in period dress. This will be a great aid in the completion of a quality piece of Marine sculpture. OoRah!

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