Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Combat Art Summit- A Mountain Top Experience!

On the 2nd of September, the Combat Art Program held an "Art Summit" at the National Museum of the Marine Corps here in Quantico.

It was a day in which Marine Combat Artists of all ages and from several eras came together to chart a course for the future of the Marine Corps Combat Art Program.

Artists in attendance included Col Mike Gish, Col Ed Condra, Col Donna Neary, Maj Jack Dyer, Capt Charles Grow, CWO2 Mike Fay, MSgt Jim Fairfax, Sgt Jim Butcher, and Sgt Kristopher Battles.

Also in attendance were NMMC Director, Lin Ezell; Supervisory Art Curator, Joan Thomas; Art Curator, Vickie Stuart-Hill; Curator for the Navy Art Program, Gale Munro; and Marine Field Historian, CWO4 Timothy McWilliams.

It was a great day of looking at our program in its past, and discussing how we could go forward into the future. It was also a day of inspiration for me, just to rub elbows with these legends of Marine Combat Art.

The panel is seated and discussion begins... yes, artists can actually have an organized meeting!


Elize McKelvey said...

Thats great! when I talked to Donna Neary on the phone she mentioned this meeting! I hope it went well, wish I could hear the discussion. ;D

Anonymous said...

Jim Butcher the first man on the right is my uncle. Wonderful man. Proud to hear his work and talent!

Kristopher Battles said...

Yeah, he's great. I get to see Mr. Butcher again this Wednesday at the National Air and Space Museum in D.C.. We'll be speaking at the press conference on the opening of the art show, "Fly Marines!..."