Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Very Model of a Modern...Belleau Wood Marine

Sgt Scale, a Marine from the National Museum of the Marine Corps,  came to the studio today to pose as the model for my Belleau Wood Marines sculpture:
"Lafayette, we are here!"

I started the adventure by marking off the posing area on the floor of the studio, with pastel and tape... it looked like a big target:
I put the tape at regular intervals to ensure that all the directions of the compass were covered in the reference photos-- so that the model can be seen from all angles and the resulting sculpture will be fully accurate "in the round"

Then, it was time for modeling!

I started off with the model in PT Gear with the weapon, which is important in seeing the form under the uniform and gear... 

 Then Sgt Scale donned the WWI Marine Forest Green wool uniform, picked up the rifle once more, and continued the posing...
I realized it might be better for the composition, and give a variety of form to the sculpture, to have one of the figures giving supporting fire with a Chauchat ( officially pronounced "sho-shaw", but almost universally pronounced "sho-sho").

So, "like a Recon Daddy, we took a little trip" to the NMMC Armory where Al,  the Weapons Curator, let us touch and pose with the Chauchat:

Now that's truly "Gangstah!"

 LCpl Reagan Lodge, Combat Cameraman and "Artist Candidate",  also posed for a sculpture--  a contemporary archetype of the infantryman, "The Marine Rifleman":


Doug said...

A museum ... with an armory! Ooh-rah.

Kristopher Battles said...

You bet!

They have almost every weapon from the history of modern weapons being preserved there-- from deck cannons to Saddam's gold-plated AK!

One of my favorites is the Sturmgewehr-44 from Nazi Germany.

How it came to be in the Marine Corps' collection, I don't know; but I'm sure glad they got one!

Reagan said...

I LOVE the STG-44. Such an aesthetically stunning weapon. It's amazing how much it influenced the evolution of assault rifles years down the line.

Jo Castillo said...

Wow, thanks for showing your models and processes. I am thouroughly enjoying all this. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

History forgotten is doomed to repeat itself. Thank you for helping to keep this history alive so that future generations can appreciate and honors those who fought for their freedom. BTW - the USMC museum is humbling and awe inspiring. I feel honored to have seen it.