Friday, September 24, 2010

I Get A Round

After struggling to make a mortar round for the Mortar Crew sculpture-- using wax, a dremel tool and a hot knife--  I realized that I'd have to use a lathe and wood to create a round with the proper symmetry (I know now why they call it a "round" in the first place)!

So a friend of mine lent me his lathe, and with it I crafted a mortar round.  I used a diagram of an M374 81mm HE round to get the basic shape, and used digital calipers to make sure the round was shaved to 20.25 mm (1/4 scale)!

Add some fins, and he's ready to drop that round in the tube...

Next step: making that tube. Stay tuned...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sgt Battles: Thanks for your inspirational, moving're truly gifted...I remain inspired by your work as well as by your fellow artist's craft, (Gunner Fay)...your wit shows in several of your responses to previous posters and now your title here...Well, I laughed so hard on the "(Un) Dress, Right - (Un) Dress!" comment, that I spilled my tea!!
Marvelous art, and a bit of history...thanks, again!!