Sunday, January 07, 2007

Life at an Outpost

Hey, everyone-

Man is my deployment going by fast! As Mary Todd, a friend of mine, likes to say, "Time flies like an arrow-- fruit flies like a banana..."

I am back inside the proverbial wire, and preparing to go out again, and I thought I'd better post some more of the sketches I've done recently while out visiting the troops where they work and live.

Most of these drawings come from my recent time with the 2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment. They are in graphite wash, and I did most of them from life (the loose ones are from life- I find that the line and wash is more "loosey-goosey" when drawn from life than when drawn from photos) There's a freshness that comes from sketching from life-for all of you artists out there, I highly recommend sketching from life as often as you can.

The line drawing, "Post at OP Riviera" is really unfinished, and I have to plead artistic (and old fashioned) cowardice, as I was rushing to finish it, due to the very real threat of snipers(!) It's very hard to concentrate on a drawing when you're doing the "sniper dance!" I will complete it in watercolor, or in oil, when I get time, as it's really an interesting structure, visually.

The sketch of the marine reading the newspaper is from a photo I took back in November, and is a value and figure study for a larger oil painting I plan to do back in the States. It is a scene with several marines 3rd Bn 2nd Marines at OP Chargers near Habbaniyah, starting their morning.

The sketch of the "Humvee" is a value study, as well as a study of one of the many types of turrets there are out here on the vehicles... I don't usually like to draw equipment alone, as it's rather impersonal, but I was interested in the netting draped on the turret, and thought it'd be good practice to render it... It's not perfect drawing, yet I was satisfied with the product and the practice.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kris,

I'm enjoying reading your comments and dialogue that goes along with your quick sketchs. I'm praying for your safe return. We prayed for you at our family fellowship today. Some of them were surprised to learn that you had joined the Marines and were stationed over seas. I've sent them the link to your website so don't be surprised if you hear from some of them.

Keep up the great work! Tell our soldiers they are in our prayers too.

Don and Anita Smith
PS: Maybe when you get back to the USA, you'll find the time to come visit and we can have a little plein air outing and paint together.

Kristopher Battles said...


That would be great!

I look forward to painting plein air (without the threat of shootings, etc), and to seeing you guys again. Hopefully we can get back to "The'Ville" one of these days to visit... You've been such a support and blessing to me, wherever I've been, whenever I've been there...!

Thanks for your prayers also...

God bless and Semper Fi
--Kris (Sgt B)

Bag Blog said...

Great value studies. The equipment drawings are interesting with or without people - even the urinals :)

JarheadDad said...

Urinals? urinals! Man! somebody's living the Life O'Reilly! :-o

Funny spelling of your name btw. My son's name is spelled the exact same way. He was born Christmas morning so go figure! He's now an IRR Marine and we're glad to have him home!

Fair Winds Sgt.! Great sketches. You've got a great eye and wonderful talent!

Anonymous said...

Hey Big Bro,

I miss you and can't wait to see you soon! Keep your head down and your a** in! You are in my prayers.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your drawings.
Great job.
Wondering if you have drawn a camel yet ?
Take care.
A fellow Artist .
CT Annie
Soldiers Angel

jel said...

these are very good!
but what is the one pic, from the last ;0>

take care