Thursday, April 19, 2007

Role Models...

author's note: this blog entry originally posted in July of 2006. It has since been edited for form and content from its original posting, and re-posted here.

Back in July, I was researching a rather unpleasant subject (involving a controversial photo published in a major newspaper) During my research, I came across something I thought was uplifting and positive:

The comments section on one of the blogs included a great link to a site about Ernie Pyle, and his days as a WWII correspondent.

I also saw a photo on that site about Bill Mauldin of Willie and Joe fame, and it reminded me of his wonderful cartoons that inspired me as a young artist and history lover.

These two men, Pyle and Mauldin, really set the bar for all who take up pen (or brush!) to document war. They are truly role models that deserve our respect and emulation.

These men risked their lives (all of the journalists and correspondents in those days did). Some gave their lives. They all, however, lived their lives and careers fully and with intense national patriotism. And the fruit from their labors was real and sweet.

May America remember the real work of these authentic men-- and may the men and women of this generation take up the standard and carry it forward in truth, honesty and pride.

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Anonymous said...

Kris, I'm a disabled vet from the Viet Nam era. It's strange how these two men brought to their fields this strange quality, called, "timelessness". I believe today's troops cans see themselves in their work.

Thank you, for your work.