Friday, September 07, 2007

Making the nightly news (but in a good way...) UPDATED!

Recently I was honored to be a part of an ABC News interview for Persons of the Week, which focused on four Marine Combat Artists, two of us still working, and two retired. CWO2 Mike Fay, retired combat artist Charles Grow, Col. Charles Waterhouse (retired combat artist and the former Artist in Residence of the Marine Corps), and myself.

We went up to Col. Waterhouse's studio and museum in Toms River NJ. He has a great collection of works in his museum- from an art career that has spanned over 40 years, and a Marine Corps career that dates back to WWII (see his bio).

We sat and talked about what it was to be a Marine Combat Artist, and they filmed us and used our work for the piece, which aired tonight, 7 September, on World News with Charles Gibson.

It's currently on their website for this week-- check it out if you'd like to see us gab...


GrammaB said...

I saw it! Someone I know on TV - and for doing something that shows not only talent, but strength of character!
Keep looking up!

jel said...

WooHoo Kis!

just saw ya on Tv this morning, and stoped by to tell ya, then found out that I missed seeing the whole show, anyway, waycool!

hope all is well with ya and the family!

Beverly said...

I'm sorry I haven't caught up with your blog. I hope that your interview is still on the website. I'll surely go look.

Beverly said...

Thanks for the link to the video. it was good to see you and put a face to Michael Fay. You are a special group.

Jeanette Jobson said...

This is my first visit to your blog and have to say its wonderful. What great paintings you're doing and providing a glimpse into life unseen my most people and one that the media seldom shows.

I'll link your blog to mine if I may.

Unknown said...

Fantastic drawings. I wish I could have had a drawing of our Equipment in the Falklands War, keep up the good work, I have linked to you!


Anonymous said...

You have come a long way since the Rachel Thompson Gallery Days. Your Work is fantastic I have always loved your landscapes and think you are one of the best Artist I have had the pleasure of sharing a Gallery space with. Good Luck and keep in touch.


Jane said...

Wow, just happened over here from another link. Your work is amazing! My Dad was one of the original Darby's Rangers in WWII so the military is something near and dear to my heart. My Dad passed away 2 years ago but we still go to the Ranger reunions and keep in touch with those he served with. What a special thing you are memorializing in art.


jel said...

hope all is well with ya and your family!