Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Painting, Paperworking, Sculpting, and Self-Aggrandizing!

Hello, all--

I have been busy lately, working on administrative things for future promotions and deployments, as well as working to finish some things I've been putt-putting around on in the I have little to show you visually (yet)--

I can report, however, that I have just started a sculpture-- MY FIRST ONE!

It's an actual, honest-to-goodness clay sculpture built on a wire armature, and hopefully will be cast-able when it's finished. There are no guarantees on whether the Corps will cast it in bronze, but even if it's not cast, it will serve as a great foundation and practice for future works. I'll show you the photos this week, when I get the next step done...

By the way-- you may think you know how to render and that you know anatomy, until you try to sculpt the human form in three dimensions!

Gunner Fay, who has a lot of experience with the sculpted form, has been teaching me a lot about the physiology of the figure. He's been giving me books to read and websites to check out. It's helped an immense amount. I feel a lot more confident that I can render the figure in both 2- or 3D, after this.

By the way, CWO2 Fay and I were in the local paper recently, and he provides the link to it, but if you want to see it now, here it is.


Beverly said...

Hello, Kris,
It's good to see a post from you again. It will be good to see your sculpture.

Jo Castillo said...

Nice to hear from you! Looking forward to this new work from you.

jel said...

Glad to know that U R alive , and well! hope the family are well