Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Your Analysis.
You're in Alice's.
"Please, Marine, come and give us a sample. Just a wee sample in a wee bottle."
Yesterday, I appeared on the company urinalyis roster, with just five days remaining on active duty. It's a great way to experience one last time, one of the great experiences of Marines for the last quarter of a century: the "Whiz Quiz."

I tell you, the excitement was just bottled up within me, and it felt like it was going to burst (Oh wait, that was just my bladder, from chugging the coffee in preparation, cramming for the test).

Also included in the test was a "pop quiz"-- a breathalyzer to see if any of us had been drinking any time in the very recent past. I passed that with flying colors (ya wanna get a ZERO on that test).

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