Tuesday, July 18, 2006

"Mwen Se Yon Atis! (Je Suis Artiste)"


A little background on my art career.

This photo was taken of me in the Spring of 2001, as I was beginning a painting of "Bidonville" in my studio in Fermathe, Haiti.

I spent just over two years as an artist and missionary in Haiti, working for the Baptist Haiti Mission. I taught local artisans and children, and helped supervise the Mountain Maid Craft Outlet at the mission.

It was a wonderful and challenging experience, and I pray it will have prepared me at least a little for the foreign environments I'll find myself in soon. (In Haiti, I saw a lot of poverty, some death, and a little unrest, but I was never shot at--though my wife had armed men point machine guns at her in Port-au-Prince one time...)

I can only hope that a little bit of Chesty Puller rubs off on me, considering he spent several years in Haiti, and tasted his first combat fighting Caco rebels there.

I can only pray also that a little John Singer Sargent rubs of me as well, so I'll be able to do some good watercolor sketches!

I just received orders for training, and I'll post another photo of me when I report, one with me as Marine Artist.

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Beverly said...

I came by via Fire and Ice. I was so surprised to see you had lived at Fermathe. When I was young (a long time ago) I spent three weeks at Fermathe with Wallace and Eleanor Turnbull. I later spent three and a half years in Les Cayes, teaching missionary kids. I shall follow your journey with much interest and prayer.