Thursday, July 27, 2006

An old drawing of mine...

Here's a drawing I did years ago of my brother, Andrew, who was an Amtracker out of Courthouse Bay, from 1984-88.

It was drawn from a photo he sent me, when he was on a WestPac float in 1985. ( I believe it was taken near Mt. Fuji, but I could be wrong).

It is pencil on paper, and isn't too bad, given the fact that it's photographic, and therefore a little stiff.

I felt it was a success, and when my brother sent it to me today, I thought it'd go well on this site.


Anonymous said...

That is an awesome drawing. You've got talent. Real talent.

Anonymous said...

That is an amazing drawing.
What incredible detail... You have God given talent. May the Lord surround you with his love and protect you with his Almighty hand. Amen!

Beverly said...

If that is an example of what we are going to see, we're blessed.
Se bon travay. Mesi anpil.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, very nice indeed!

I work with your mom who speaks quite proudly of you and your art...and for good reason! :)

Just wanted to send you Best Wishes, and I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Anonymous said...

Awesome drawing, Sarge.