Monday, February 08, 2010

Heading to Haiti

I've got travel orders to Haiti today with the Marine Corps History Division, to document the activities of the Marine Corps as it continues to offer assistance to the people of that earthquake-ravaged nation.

I am taking my camera, as well as my sketchbooks & pencils, watercolors & brushes, to give a feeling for what's going on there.

I used to live in Haiti, as a missionary for two years, and I learned the language well enough to be an interpretor and a teacher while I was there. I hope that comes in handy as we travel around and interact with the people.

I will let you know how it goes, and will continue to post, if I'm able.

Semper Fi.


Pete said...

Good Luck in Haiti. I'm sure you'll come back with some powerful work. I'm looking forward to seeing the progress on your sculpting project when you get back!

Mike Sears said...

Sgt Battles,

Excellent opportunity to document some great work being done, I look forward to the results.

Semper Fi

Gunner Sears (ret)

Beverly said...

Hello, Kris,
I am so happy to see that you are going to Haiti. One of the MK's I taught has just reutrned from there. He was up at Fermathe doing photography and interpreting for Samarian's Purse.

It will be good to see your work and hear your impressions of what all is taking place.

God bless as you go.

Kristopher said...

Hey, Beverly,
Great to hear! I just got back late last night-- I never got up to Fermathe, as I wanted to.

Fermathe was where I was a missionary for two years! (at Baptist Haiti Mission)

I was able only to go from Carrefour west to Petit Goave, as that was the limits of the Area of Operations for the Marines.

Some of the devastation in Carrefour was heartbreaking, but believe it or not, the people are getting on with their lives, and on the street, it very much resembled the Haiti I left years ago.