Saturday, May 15, 2010

Marine Week Boston

Marine Week was held in Boston from the 2nd through 9th of May.

I was there with a group of Marines representing the National Museum of the Marine Corps, showcasing the Museum with a static display which featured Marine Corps history, Combat Art, and a video explaining the NMMC and the Marine Corps itself.

Most of the time I was in a WWII period Marine Uniform, the utilities with leggings and the steel pot...
(L to R) Cpl Miller as Continental Marine, SSgt Rapoza as WWI Marine, Me as WWII, and Sgt Bustamante as Vietnam
Cpl Miller needs a chaperon as he wishes to court the lady...

A static display, the "Triple Seven" 155mm Howitzer

It was quite a time. There were static displays for people to see, and Marines from the local Marine Reserve units where demonstrating and answering questions.  They had LAVs, "Triple Sevens", all sorts of small arms, an Osprey or two at various locations for people to climb aboard. The Albany Marine Band played several times, and the Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon performed as well (once interrupted by a severe and sudden hail storm!)...

One honor I had was to have some of my artwork on display at the USS Constitution Museum at the Navy Yard in Boston... I got to talk to people looking at the work, and on the 5th of May there was a reception, where I got to speak as the guest artist. I was thrilled to have the opportunity.

I got to see and go aboard the USS Constitution-- it was like being a kid again! They showed us the whole ship, to include parts that civilians can't go in usually. For a history buff and proud American, it was an incredible thing to experience.

Hey, what year is this, anyway?!(No,  Mom-- we're not having severe budget cuts in uniforms and equipment!)

Every once in a while I was able to sketch the happenings-- though it was a real difficulty, due to wind & weather, as well as nice citizens coming around to chat me up...!

I also had the honor and privilege of going to Harvard to have some of my art on display for a day at the Forum in the John F. Kennedy School of Government.  (click to view the article in

Sgt. Kristopher J. Battles, the combat artist with the National Museum of the Marine Corps, talks to retired Army Brig. Gen. Kevin T. Ryan, the senior fellow of the John F. Kennedy School of Government for Harvard University, about his art, May 5, 2010. , Cpl. Alicia R. Giron, 5/5/2010 9:56 AM

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Jo Castillo said...

What a wonderful week. Thanks for sharing this with us. Your art is wonderful and deserving of all the accolades you may receive. Applause!