Monday, August 30, 2010


The two figures in the Belleau Wood sculpture now have torsos. 

As you know, I'm using a modified "Ecorche" technique to build the figures from armature to completion.

Today, I focused on the midriffs of the figures, putting muscles on the rib cages, filling out shoulders and necks.

Tomorrow, if time permits, I will make the arms and legs have their basic musculature.

Before I finish the figures-- putting their uniforms, hair, expressions, etc.-  I will put a layer of plaster tape over the muscles as a type of hard "skin", which will serve also as a rigid support for the sculpting wax I'll use to finish.

I started dabbing on clay to make some back muscles

The back and "glutes" becoming more refined

The beginnings of neck muscles

Shoulders, delts, etc...

The kneeling Marine's back also was developed

Kneeling Marine's shoulders, collar bone, etc...

One more phase in the process, and they'll start taking on a living human likeness. 

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