Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Rapid Fire" Sketches on the Range

Marine in the 200 yard Slow Fire Kneeling Position

Here are a couple more dashed-off ink sketches I did on the rifle range during ART (Annual Rifle Training):

They're a bit rough, as I was using pen without any preliminary pencil lines to denote shapes, edges and proportions (and the Marines would move every several seconds), but they turned out OK...
Marine firing in the 200 yard Slow Fire Standing Position (we used to call it the "Offhand"position)
 I had originally planned to spend more time sketching Marines firing, but my mind seemed more focused on what I had to do to score well on the range (I got a 221 Expert today, and now have to qualify Friday on the "Table 2" course of fire in order to see if I maintain my Expert qualification).

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Jo Castillo said...

These are great sketches. So good for the eye to work that way sometimes.

Hope you keep a top rating for shooting .. might need that, too.

Take care....