Thursday, August 02, 2012

Homage to the Marine Infantryman (and David Douglas Duncan)

Here's a monotype I did yesterday, after the photo of a Marine in Korea, taken by the famous photographer David Douglas Duncan.

His series of photographs of Marines in the Korean war will live forever in our country's consciousness, as an indelible tribute to the raw courage and will of the American fighting man.

To create this print I used two color passes of the plate-- the first one was a green tone and the flesh tone with highlights lifted out; the second one was the black tones pressed onto the paper over the first color.
After the second pass, I took a brush with the dark ink and touched up a couple spots directly to the paper, using my finger as well to shad and blend the tone.
Considering the difficulty and risk inherent in the monotype process, I'm pretty satisfied with the results.


N.R. Jenzen-Jones said...

Fantastic work mate.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Battle for Mr Ducan ever give you the name of the soldier? My mother thinks it's her brother.