Friday, April 11, 2014

A Great Send Away

A week ago today, my friends at the National Museum of the Marine Corps had a going away get-together for me at Pancho Villa, one of my favorite Mexican restaurants (I love Mexican food).

They presented me with two very thoughtful and wonderful gifts, which I must confess made me at a loss for words.

The first gift was a personalized Marine NCO sword (I've always wanted one but never bought one...).

The second gift was a custom-made palette plaque, fashioned by the folks in the Museum's Exhibits Department, with the motto, "GO TO WAR, DO ART!" burned in. Attached was a hand-crafted KABAR/palette knife-- a nice touch, as was the "crossed brushes" in the SSgt chevron.

Incredibly thoughtful gifts, from incredibly thoughtful and professional people, which I now display proudly in my home studio.

(And the sword will come in handy when I'm doing any cavalry or pirate illustrations in the future...I've already said "avast" a couple times..!)

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Jo Castillo said...

Just beautiful and well deserved. Congratulations!