Friday, January 08, 2010

Wired for Sculpture!

Here are some photos of work I have just begun.

I have been working on plans for several 1/4 scale sculptures, of Marines in WWI at Belleau Wood, as well as Marines in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Here is a template I made upon which to form the wire armatures (I got the idea off the internet from a very smart sculptor...):

It's a plywood board, on which I've drawn the human skeletal figure to one-quarter scale (6 ft. man translates to eighteen inches tall here) with brass pegs at key points to give proper proportion and consistency to the arm and leg lengths, etc..

I've also drawn onto a piece of wood the outline of a 1903 Springfield rifle, which I'll carve out for use in the Belleau Wood sculpture (I will do the same for the M16/M4 in the GWOT sculptures):

A little snipping, twisting and looping, and Voila! My armatures! Here are the first two, just hangin' out on the book shelf in the studio:

I'll keep you posted as I add clay and wax to "flesh it out" and put the figures in their proper environments...

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