Saturday, November 20, 2010

Got it Covered

Working on the kevlars I'd cast recently in wax--
The basic kevlar form
(I cast this so that I could have a bare kevlar if needed for a particular sculpture, and also so that each "cammie cover" I sculpt will be unique for each individual):
Now comes the "cammie cover"--  I rolled wax and put it on the helmet's front and sides, to make for smooth transitions where the cover stretches over bill and side forms:
 Then, I began applying a very thin layer of wax, very much like an actual fabric cammie cover:

 Thin wax is applied to the sides:
(pardon the wax in my fingernails!)
 Once the cover was fully applied, I worked the surface to begin forming the folds and seams:
Just a bit more work, and the chin straps, and this Marine is covered...!

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