Saturday, November 20, 2010

MCCCA Merit Award

Col Motsco of History Division presented me with the award 17 November.


Calin said...

Hi, I'm an Art student, I study painting just like yourself. To make an extra buck I do freelance transcription work. That is, I take audio of various interviews, and transcribe the text in correct English.

Right now I finished one conducted by the good Col. Motsco. On one hand it sucked in ways that I didn't even believe possible, but on the other hand there was huge comedy value :D

I don't know in what corn field the USMC found him, or why they made him Colonel, but as I live and breathe I've transcribed a full 16 minutes of audio with him, and not a single sentence made any sense :)

Feel free to post or remove this comment, I just wanted to share this with anyone :)

- Calin from Romania

Kristopher Battles said...

Col. Motsco is one of the finest officers I've ever met, and a great guy as well.

He is both a country boy and an intellectual. He works with computers but lives out in the country.

One thing about him-- his mind works very fast. He is able to grasp a concept from beginning to end very quickly, and he's a problem solver, too.

He would probably get a chuckle out of your comment, as he always joked about being promoted...

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