Thursday, November 11, 2010

To Get Ahead...

As you know, I've been working for some time on a sculpture of two Marines in Belleau Wood. Well, I'd been having trouble sculpting the heads, and decided to start over on them and rework them to a better level of quality.

I figured that today, Veterans Day (originally Armistice Day), would be a good day to work on these WWI figures.

Here was the process involved in making one of the heads:
I started, using the 1/4 scale pre-cast skull I'd made for just such a contingency
 Front view

 side view
 Eyeballs (click, sir!)
  I added wax to form muscles and skin around the mouth and chin
 ...nose and cheek muscles, etc.
  I continued the fleshing-out process until the head started taking on lifelike qualities...

 With the helmet added, one can see how the finished product might look
The figure really begins to look quite dramatic in the light...


Main Line Sportsman said...

Wish I had that kind of talent...I can hear him say: "Retreat Hell...we just got here."

Brian Dunbar said...

" Eyeballs (click, sir!) "


Jo Castillo said...

Amazing work. Your comments bring smiles to our faces, too.