Thursday, August 02, 2012

More Monotypes

Here are two monotype prints I did today-- portraits of Marines.
I did both of them as a combination of two runs of the plate, the first being the color(s) and the second being the black tones and lines.

Though they're not perfect, I feel these monotypes stand fairly well on their own as expressive images.


Unknown said...

Wonderful work. So few people practice monotype these days. How did you come across the process?

Kristopher Battles said...

I am currently in the Low Residency MFA Program in Illustration at the University of Hartford.

Gary Kelley, a renowned artist and illustrator, is one of the professors and taught us the process...

Unknown said...

Good deal. I just taught my first monotype intensive to a group of highschool students through Pacific Northwest College of Art. Its a great way to introduce people to printmaking in an amazingly short amount of time.

Adrian Johnson said...


I just happened upon your blog post here about monotypes while researching the process myself.

I had to stop and say that these are fantastic; especially the second one. Very nice work, sir!

Looking forward to trying monotyping myself very shortly.