Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Air Wing

I had a day of layover at Al Asad Airbase the other day, and got to spend some time at a Marine Squadron based there. I jumped at the chance, because everybody knows that aviation makes for great subject matter (And the little kid in me loves an air show still—airplanes are cool…)!

The marine mechanics were engaged in extensive scheduled maintenance of on one of the Harrier jets, and I had time to do a pencil drawing, a watercolor sketch, and a few little quick gesture drawings of the mechanics, as they went about there tasks on and around the aircraft.

Here’s some of the work:
The watercolor was good practice for me, as I did it sitting on my little stool, with my little brush and little watercolor field kit (Windsor & Newton Cotman Compact Set) brushing away, hoping the water would go where I wanted it to go! (watercolor is so unforgiving and difficult to control…)

The gesture sketches were fun, as the mechanics were moving so speedily about their business that I was forced to work fast, which is excellent practice at the “visual shorthand” that makes drawing so interesting artistically.

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