Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sketches from previous posts

As promised, here are the sketches that were missing in the previous two posts. . . .


jel said...
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Kristopher Battles said...

Hello everyone,
I'm working to correct the picture problem on Kris' blog. He sent me so many great sketches, but Blogger isn't working with me. I hope to have the problem corrected by tomorrow.
: ) Kelly (AKA "the artist's wife")

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping at it until you got the sketches up--they convey so much. V. Schroeder

jel said...

I want to second that !

Thank you,
these are great!


Anonymous said...

Hey Big Bro,

Great sketches! They are all heroes in my book.

I have adopted a marine and his men from the 1/24th. SSgt. Sink is his name. If you run in to him, by chance, say "hey" for me.

I hope you got your packages. Let me know, through Kelly, what you think about Mom's gift. I want to see a picture of you in it!

I love you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Kristopher Battles said...

Whew. . . that took some work to figure out our picture problem! (Thanks WO Fay for your advice.) For all of you inexperienced bloggers out there like me, you MUST use Blogger Beta. There's really no other way to go.

Bag Blog said...

I am glad I patiently waited for the drawings to show up on the post. They were certainly interesting showing such a variety of events.

Anonymous said...

your sketched titled "Ryan takes a Rest" is my brother......just wanted to thank you for putting a smile on my face... :)

Anonymous said...

These sketches are incredible!
God bless you & thank ya'll for all you are doing to preserve our Freedom!!
I think I may know the person you sketched that called in the bombs ...Capt. OJ Weiss..
Do you have any pictures &/or video of it/him?
God bless & stay safe :-)

Sarah K. Palmatier