Wednesday, December 20, 2006

In Process

Here are two oil paintings that are in process, coming closer to maturity, only a few sittings away from being finished. These images, as do many I gravitate to, depict the common, everyday, banal experiences of the troops—things that people might not think about when they think of war or deployment, but are nonetheless a real part of the experience. The first is called “Baharia Barbershop” and depicts just that—a field-expedient haircutting station for marines who still have to maintain grooming standards without the luxury of a regular barbershop down the street.

The second image is from my experiences with the 3rd BN 2nd Marine Regiment near Habbaniyah. This image is called, appropriately, “The Chess Game” and is based on my time at OP Steelers, with India Company 3/2. It was Thanksgiving Day and these marines were finished with their work (they are combat engineers attached to 3/2) and were having a game of chess and sitting around reading and resting.

These subjects are fun to me, though they may not be glamorous or “sexy” so to speak. I want to depict for history the little things that made up everyday life in Iraq—things that made life in Iraq what it was; things that people can relate to, whether or not they were there.


Cpl M said...

Awesome work, Sgt. The Chess Game is my favorite out of this set.

Anonymous said...

You are amazing! Considering we share the same parents...I am still wondering why, genetically speaking, I did not inherit any artistic talent! ;) You are the best, Tophrode! I love you, big bro.


Beverly said...

Your work is outstanding, Kris.

Anonymous said...

I really like these. Would even like to see a print of the first one in our cadet lounge at some point.

Anonymous said...

Hi son,
Tried to post a comment the other day, but it seems did not take. All I can say is Wow! and keep those genetic traits working! Love you lots,

Kristopher Battles said...

These two pieces are very much like Norman Rockwell's narratives.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kris - I followed a link from WetCanvas to find yur site and Wow! am I glad I did! wonderful work - I love it.