Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Here I am, sketching at COP Falcon in Ramadi.

I was out with members of the 4th CAG (Civil Affairs Group), as they conducted a CMOC (Civil Military Operations Center).

During a CMOC, Iraqi citizens can come and wait at a designated spot for a meeting with the CAG staff, which provide services which perhaps the local officials can't yet provide.

People can come tell their troubles, air their grievances against the Americans, receive recompense for any damages by Coalition Forces, or receive help with basic things like heaters or school supplies.

The day-to-day efforts of the CAGs, though not well publicized back in the States, are making a marked improvement in the reality on the ground, truly winning the hearts and minds of the citizens, as they see the Coalition actually keeping its word and helping Iraqis (unlike the Insurgents, who simply use them as pawns and cannon fodder).


Anonymous said...


Looking good,big brother! Have a very Merry Christmas. You are in my prayers. I love you.


p.s. I still want to see you in the hat Mom sent!

Anonymous said...

Your Big Bro here!! Looks good!!
Keep up the good work and tell those boys over there we keep them in our thoughts and prayers!!
You need to find the AMTRAC unit over there and draw them for me!!
Tell them I said YAT-YAS!
Semper Fi