Friday, August 14, 2009

We're the Entertainment

The Future of Afghanistan watches us on every patrol.

Tomorrow's City Council is in session. The panel of judges is making its decision!

What, do you suppose, are they thinking about us? We are an enigma, perhaps; or a moment's amusement.

And how will they feel about us years from now? How will the choices "Strategic Corporals" make today affect the relationship between our countries tomorrow?

I painted this quick oil sketch because I loved the subject matter, some Afghani kids perched near a house, watching us as we pass by on patrol, like we were a circus act or street show.

Kids are the same everywhere.

The color was another thing about it that made me paint it- it's bold even though it has a lot of earth tones, and the white areas contrast with the greens and browns with a rich effect.

I applied the paint loosely so I could sort of add to the bold nature of the color and perhaps suggest the activity going on in the subtext; in the boys' thoughts as they see these exotic, strange Americans walk by...

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